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    Heating and air conditioning is an integral component of life in the modern world, you're going to need a contractor who can help you ensure yours are working properly.
    Maintain control over the temperature in your home with heating and air conditioning that you can always count on to work when you need it.
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Our Services

Air condition
Air Conditioner Installation

When the heat rises, there is only one thing to do: crank up the AC! The last thing anyone wants to do is sweat in the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re moving into a new home, need an upgraded unit, or are simply in need of a replacement, Edwards Air Group is here to provide first rate assistance for any air conditioning installation job.

At Edwards Air Group, our expertise is unparalleled when it comes to your HVAC units. Especially when it comes to your air conditioning, we only want you to feel cool and satisfied with your new AC unit. Whether you’re looking for ductless, split, portable, window, or central units, you can count on Edwards Air Group to be of service to you. We carry the knowledge and skills to install any kind of unit you require!

For those seeking outstanding air conditioner service in the Plainfield, NJ area, contact none other than Edwards Air Group! Call for a quote today!

Air repair
Air Conditioner Repair

Anyone who lives in a hot climate knows how essential it is to have functioning residential cooling systems. Whether it’s your AC at home or AC at a store, a functional air conditioner is necessary if you intend to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

At Edwards Air Group, we are all about customer service and specialize in AC repairs. Each air conditioning contractor on our team is fully certified for any emergency AC repair.

We provide air conditioning repair service for any make and model of air conditioner on the market. We do it all when it comes to air conditioning, furnace, and plumbing services.

Forced air repair
Forced Air Furnace Repair

For those who aren’t as well-equipped with their HVAC knowledge, furnaces can be a tricky fix. Especially when the furnace hasn’t been opened up in years, there could be some parts that you’re unfamiliar with. Furnace repair could be exactly what your home needs.

Here at Edwards Air Group, we take pride in our knowledge of forced air furnaces. We stay up-to-date on all the methods of repairing forced-air-furnaces.

We want to provide you with the best furnace service and air conditioning repair service around and that starts with an ever-growing knowledge base.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

If you are in need of full-service residential air conditioner service or heating repairs, call Edwards Air Group for reliable, speedy assistance at the best prices in the Plainfield, NJ area. From kitchen equipment repair to water heater installation, we are the company to depend on! As HVAC experts, we can troubleshoot your problems, from a leaking air conditioner to an over-heating water heater.

Our HVAC contractors are well-versed and equipped with the tools to perform everything including furnace repair, refrigeration and air conditioning repair service. You can feel confident that with our attention, your appliances will be up and running on schedule.

Every once in awhile your air ducts should be clean and maintained in order for you to breathe in clean air. With our air duct cleaning service, we can easily assess this for you! It is our mission to make sure that your home or office is comfortable at all times.

Heating Contractor

In order to remain healthy and comfortable throughout the year, fully functioning heaters and air conditioning are crucial. Proper temperature control is a comfort and a necessity for you and your family during any type of extreme weather. Our HVAC contractor can come out and help with your HVAC installation needs.

Edwards Air Group offers an exceptional HVAC service and heating and cooling replacement. We make sure that your home is always warm. We handle heating installation if your property is currently lacking heating or is not efficient enough for your needs. Our services are designed to enhance your quality of life by keeping your room temperature regulated while lowering your bill with efficiently working machines.

We deliver our services at affordable rates to the Plainfield, NJ area residents. Let us help you with your commercial HVAC and residential HVAC needs.

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